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On September 30, Beijing time, a team that missed the playoffs last season, a young team in the post-Wade era, a dark horse team that was only fifth in the Eastern Conference in the regular season, and no one was selected for a period. The second team of civilians...Unfortunately, the Heat used a super dark horse posture to face all the underdogs. They counterattacked Keshang and returned to the finals stage after 6 years. They will also challenge Zhan Mei's Zijin Lakers for the fourth championship in team history. .

北京时间9月30日,一支上赛季无缘季后赛的球队,后韦德时代的一支年轻球队,一支在常规赛东部联盟中仅排名第五的黑马球队,没有人入选期。第二支平民队伍...不幸的是,热火以超级黑马的姿势面对所有的失败者。他们反击克尚,并在6年后重返决赛。他们还将挑战詹玫的紫金湖人队,这是队史上的第四次冠军。 。

When Wade completed the "last dance" retirement last season, it means that an era for the Heat has officially ended. It's just that Pat Riley's team has never liked to rebuild. The recruitment of Butler with a four-year maximum salary of $142 million also allowed the Heat to rise at the speed of light in the post-Wade era.

当韦德上赛季完成“最后一支舞”的退役时,这意味着热火的时代已经正式结束。只是Pat Riley的团队从未喜欢过重建。巴特勒的四年最高薪水为1.42亿美元,这也使热火在后韦德时代以光明的速度上升。

In the 65 games before the rematch, the Heat achieved a record of 41 wins and 24 losses, ranking fourth in the Eastern Conference. As of the 8 regular season games in the semi-finals, the Heat only scored 3 wins and 5 losses, ranking fifth in the East with 44 wins and 29 losses. In fact, the Heat's rematch of the regular season is suspected of strategic release. After all, there is no difference between the home and away games in the game system, which also allows them to complete the Pacers and rank fourth in the East.


Entering the playoffs, facing the Pacers who lacked the inner core Sabonis and the foreign aid core Oladipo was unstable, the Heat easily swept 4-0 to advance. In the second round of the Eastern Conference, facing the first-ranked Bucks in the league, the Heat successfully frozen Brother Antetokounmpo and eliminated the Bucks with a 4-1 "upset". In the Eastern Conference finals, facing the Celtics, who had made 3 Eastern Conference finals in 4 years, the Heat defeated the Greens 4-2 with team basketball and reached the finals again after 6 years.


The Heat in the post-Wade era did not have a "Great Leap Forward", but rather targeted signings and upgrades. Wade retired, then the top salary recruited Butler, who was strong and hard enough to become the new leader. He also used a relatively large contract to recruit the veteran Iguodala, but he did not blindly follow the trend in the arms race, and he did not gamble on big deals for Paul.


The Heat maintain a positive pace of progress, not radical, not blindly obeying, and extremely calm. It is also the style of the Heat's player lineup configuration, pursuing balanced depth and the ultimate team. Even if the Heat do not have superstars, and no player in the team has been selected for a second team, only Butler is selected for the third team, but it does not prevent Spo from making them an absolute super civilian team, and even a big recovery. Engrave the possibility of the previous 04 Pistons winning miracle.


Butler has become the absolute outside core of the Heat, even the core of offense and defense, after all, his toughness is also the key to driving the Heat's defense. Adebayor is using rapid growth to prove that he has both offense, pass and defense, and has become the absolute inside core of the Heat. In addition to the Bard dual-core, the Heat also had Dragic, Hiero, Robinson and Claude scored in double figures in the playoffs, so the depth of the team with 6 people in double figures is also a certain advantage over the Lakers.


What's more, in the first three rounds of the playoffs, the Heat have produced three different series of scoring champions. Dragic 22.8 points in the first round, Butler 23.4 points in the second round, and Adebayor 21.8 points in the final. It is someone who can stand up and act as the attack arrow, as well as Shiro, Robinson, and Crowder, who can explode unexpectedly, so the Heat's combat effectiveness is even more terrifying.


When the civilians hit the giant Lakers head-on, the key to challenging the purple and gold army is naturally to contain the Lakers' Zhanmei dual-core, especially containing James has become the top priority. You know, James has made 9 finals in the Eastern Conference in the past, especially when he won 24 consecutive Eastern Conference series in 2011-18. "Domineering the Eastern Army" is not a boast.

当平民正面对付巨大的湖人队时,挑战紫色和金色军队的关键自然是遏制湖人队的占美双核,尤其是遏制詹姆斯已成为当务之急。要知道,詹姆斯过去曾在东部决赛中打过9场决赛,尤其是当他在2011-18赛季连续赢得24场东部决赛时。 “霸权东方军”不是吹牛。

Even if James is 35 years old, he still maintains an excellent competitive state, and the Heat are naturally ready to fight. Pat Riley is strategizing behind the scenes to build the team, while Spoel is in the coaching bench to forge the Heat into a joint defense team, and James has been equipped with the "four major chains", namely Butler, Crowder, and Iguodala. With Adebayor.

即使詹姆斯今年35岁,他仍然保持着出色的竞争状态,热火自然准备战斗。帕特亚愽真人娱乐App·赖利(Pat Riley)正在幕后制定战略以组建团队,而斯波尔(Spoel)则在教练席中将热火打造为联合防卫团队,而詹姆斯(James)则配备了“四个主要连锁店”,即巴特勒,克劳德和伊瓜达拉。与阿德巴约。

The Heat’s crazy defense has become one of their magic weapons for winning the playoffs, especially the steel defense line forged by the "four big iron locks", which made Antetokounmpo, Warren and Tatum complain, and restricting Antetokounmpo became an absolute masterpiece. . It is difficult for James to be completely restricted, but at least he wants to play easily and it is almost impossible, especially according to statistics, since 2014, when he defended James one-on-one, the three players with the lowest shooting percentage ranked first. It is the Warriors core who chased the dream Green 39.3%, while Butler 41.2% and Crowder 42.2% ranked second and third.

热火队疯狂的防守已经成为他们赢得季后赛的法宝之一,尤其是由“四把大铁锁”锻造的钢铁防御线,这使Antetokounmpo,Warren和Tatum抱怨不已,并限制Antetokounmpo成为绝对的杰作。 。詹姆斯很难被完全限制,但至少他想轻松打球,这几乎是不可能的,尤其是根据统计数据,自2014年以来,当他一对一防守詹姆斯时,投篮命中率最低的三名球员排名第一。追逐梦想的格林是勇士队的39.3%,而巴特勒队的41.2%和克劳德队的42.2%分别位居第二和第三。

What's more, Iguodala also has too much experience in defending James. Adebayor can also become an inside defensive gate and take into account the defense of Zhan Mei. Whether James and Zhan Mei can be frozen will be the key to the Heat's championship.


Although the Heat and the Lakers met in the Finals for the first time, there are still inextricable links between the two teams, among which the core relationship bond is "the old man" James. Of course, there is an interesting episode, that is, no matter which team wins the championship, Waiters, who played for the two teams this season, has already locked a championship ring in advance.


James had a good time with the Heat for 4 years. He formed the Super Big Three with Wade and Bosh. He reached the finals for 4 consecutive years in 2011-14, and completed two consecutive championships in 2012-13. James spoke highly of the former Heat, as well as Pat Riley, coach Spoel and teammate Haslem, who had worked with him, "I think working with Riley, Spoel, Wade and Haslem, of course I only mentioned some people. Becoming a member of that kind of team culture has allowed me to grow and see what it takes to compete for championships and win championships... I am very comfortable with that culture, because I am too. Dedication, those four years of career are a match made in heaven."


It is worth mentioning that the last time the Heat reached the finals, it was just before James left in 2014. Now, after six years, James led the "current" versus "predecessor", which is also quite anticipated. The new civilian team created by Pat Riley has proved its combat effectiveness, and Spoel is familiar with James, how he will deploy tactics to contain James, plus Iguodala, who has fought against James in the finals for 4 consecutive years, is such an "enemy" Gathering again, it is natural to look forward to writing new stories.

值得一提的是,热火上一次进入决赛是在2014年詹姆斯离开之前。现在,六年后,詹姆斯领衔了“现任”对“前任”,这也是人们所期待的。帕特·赖利(Pat Riley)创建的新的文职团队已经证明了其战斗力,斯普尔(Spoel)熟悉詹姆斯,他将如何部署战术来遏制詹姆斯,以及连续4年在决赛中与詹姆斯作战的伊戈达拉(Iguodala)就是这样“敌人”再次聚会,很自然地希望写新的故事。

Although the outside world is more optimistic about the Lakers winning the championship, the Heat have struggled all the way in the playoffs. They have repeatedly counterattacked under the declining situation. Can they perform such a miraculous miracle once again to win the fourth championship in team history. It is also exciting.


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